Egyptian geese control products

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver
Eagle Eye Gold and Silver WD Kit
PP with cap Silver
mesh wire
Bird Spikes
Bird wire on railing 3 min
Bird Wax

                               Eqyptian Geese - Alopochen aegyptiacus

Eqyptian Geese - Alopochen aegyptiacusEqyptian Geese - Alopochen aegyptiacus


Summary: The Egyptian Goose is an indigenous waterfowl. Common migrating bird. Flies early morning to farmland and grasslands returns to water in the evening to roost on shoreline or in trees.
  • Found nearby inland waters like rivers, dams, floodplains, pans, mashes;
  • Likes to swim;
  • Spends most of the time on riverbank.
  • Sometime takes over nests of other birds;
  • Builds nest in holes in cliffs, caves, trees or buildings;
  • Always nearby water (within 1,000 yards);
  • Clutch: 5-11 eggs;
  • Young birds (newly hatched) leave after 6 hours.
  • Large flocks can damage grain crops;
  • Aggressive, Noisy;
  • Feaces build-up in dams and around trees can cause severe damage resulting in fish and trees dying.
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