Wednesday, 05 July 2017 13:29

Bird Flu scare in South Africa. Chickens at risk

It is all over the news - South Africa has the dreaded bird flu. Borders are being closed to chicken exports as neighbouring countries suspend or ban South African chickens from crossing their borders. The main focus is on livestock as processed or packaged chickens have been tested for the virus. This virus is not the strain that is harmful to other animals or to humans.

The SA Poultry Association CEO Kevin Lovell said the sale of live chickens had been banned to curb the spread of the virus. But the ban had nothing to do with preventing illness in humans.
"Though all chickens are susceptible to the disease, the bird flu is an animal health problem and not a human health one.
The specific version of the flu discovered in South Africa is not harmful to human health, but poses a great threat to the poultry industry as the ones infected must be culled if they have not died from the disease already" he said.

It is imperative for the poultry farmers to take measures to curb the further spread of this disease and protect their livelihood.
Further spread of the disease can be a result of many factors‚ such as the mobility and transportation of the chickens and resources.
The primary concern is that some poultry farmers may not have the necessary equipment that can protect the chickens from contracting the flu.

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