Bird Control Solutions for Commercial Properties

Bird Control Solution for Commercial Properties Bird Control Solution for Commercial Properties

Eagle Eye Bird Control has developed a range of visual and audible products to deter birds from unwanted areas. These “systems” of combined products, have been successfully installed at thousands of locations throughout the world with great success. 

Birds are sensitive to specific light spectrums from the sun and our visual product range is making use of these spectrums to make the birds aware of danger in the vicinity of the Eagle Eye™ products. As soon as they pick up the reflections of the Eagle Eye™, they will change their line of flight to avoid this perceived danger. 

Different Eagle Eye™ spectrum units are offered for different bird species. Each unit is coated with a special surface layer reflecting a spectrum of UV light that deters the relevant bird species. The light reflection doesn’t affect humans or other animals, such as livestock, at all.

Eagle Eye™ does not affect nesting birds. It prevents new birds from entering the area and birds that have left the area from returning. 

Eagle Eye™ is an innovative system used to bird-proof urban, industrial and farming areas. It is affordable, easy to install, requires little maintenance, and is very effective. Eagle Eye Bird Control has been working on a range of projects where the Eagle Eye™ has been challenged and tested, both on smaller limited areas and larger widespread areas. We have been delighted by the effectiveness and capacity of the Eagle Eye™ “systems”, as have our clients. 

This comprehensive “system” is completely harmless to birds, and makes the birds move to other places by simply changing their behaviour. The innovative system uses reflected light to make the pest birds perceive danger from larger, predatory birds, and birds simply choose an alternative venue and route. Sound systems that are audible will be used in combination with the Eagle Eye™ to make the “system” more effective. 

Our Nightmare Sound System is also used successfully to deter bats.

Strobe lights, FlashFlags and Sound Systems are incorporated into the Eagle Eye “system” to make the birds that fly by night aware of danger after sunset.

Installation of the Eagle Eye™ “System”

Before installing any bird deterring system, a comprehensive survey of the requirements must be undertaken. A poorly installed system gives inferior results, often resulting in higher project costs.

As part of our service, when installing an Eagle Eye™ “System”, Eagle Eye Bird Control will complete the project planning and survey, answer any queries and advise on the best bird deterring system to use.

Eagle Eye Bird Control commits to visit the proposed installation site to determine the best solution, together with the client or their representative.