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Monsanto’s Wheat Reasearch & Development

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During the past season Monsanto’s Wheat R&D team had evaluated four Eagle Eye Bird scaring devices at the Bethlehem site.

The results were most satisfactory and we would be expanding our usage of these apparatuses the coming season. The tests were carried out on our summer planting of wheat. Because this planting is done in December and harvested in March, bird damage are prevalent due to the fact that this is the only wheat in the area.

This is very valuable germplasm and needs to be protected extensively. Normally quella are the biggest problem. We observed less than 10% bird damage compared to more than 30% in previous years.

Previously we spend a lot of money on bird chasers and other methods of bird control. Originally I  thought that it was not a year with a big bird problem because the number of birds observed were very low, but on one specific day I observed a huge number of birds in one of the blocks of wheat, but then I immediately noticed that the two apparatuses in that block did not work due to a flat battery which we had forgotten to charge in time.

The area we planted was about 1 hectare and divided into two separate blocks. This is an environment friendly, cheap and effective way of preventing bird damage on wheat trials.

Dr Francois Koekemoer, Wheat R&D lead, Monsanto South Africa, Email:

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