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J.C. Ehrlich/ Rentokil USA

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Some people at Ehrlich/Rentokil think we’re crazy, but we’re having pretty good success in the New York City and Westchester County areas when installing the Eagle Eye units. 

My operations manager has taken all of the guess work out of it, and our installations go very smoothly.  

I first visited this location in December of 2010.  The customer agreed to the installation in August of 2011.  I did a follow up visit in March of 2012 and couldn’t believe the dramatic results.  The customer things I’m a genius!!

The key I find is not “over promising the customer”

If you offer the “complete solution” and the customer is not willing or able to spend the money, the Eagle is always a more affordable option. 

I never say it will “eliminate” your pest bird activity.  I always say “you will see a noticeable reduction”.

We recently installed some “red hats” for a hospital out on Long Island.  They just called me yesterday asking that we install some additional “red hats” at another facility a few towns over.  



So far so good.     

Ihor Mulyk

Regional Bird Specialist

J.C. Ehrlich/Rentokil

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