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Lanseria International Airport, Johannesburg

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3rd May 2014

To whom it may concern,


Lanseria International Airport is the busiest privately owned airport in South Africa and indeed one of the busiest in the country with regard to aircraft and passenger movements. Lanseria is fortunate to continue to experience growth with a new runway, aircraft movement and parking areas and extensions to the terminal building either completed or in various stages of construction.

As part of Lanseria’s commitment to safety, and in line with the SACAA and ICAO “Wild Life Management Program” the Airport Authority at Lanseria take the management and reduction of bird hazards as part of the overall Safety program very seriously.

In July 2009 the Lanseria Airport Authority was approached by Eagle Eye Bird Control to install and test a number of flashing units next to the airport runways. These units proved to be successful with the number of bird activity in proximity to the units reducing by up to 60%, thereby reducing the risk of bird strikes by aircraft as well. The units were maintained by Eagle Eye Bird Control technical personnel without any problems experienced.

At this time a total of 20 units were installed, with the personnel from Eagle Eye experimenting with various new units, thereby continuously improving the product.

In December 2013 the new runway at Lanseria opened and Eagle Eye Bird Control units were again installed next to the runway due to the previous success. The Eagle Eye Technical personnel assessed the area and a total of 45 units were placed at strategic points.

Although these new units are quite visible they pose no distraction to pilots or Air Traffic Control personnel and the bird “problem” at Lanseria has been resolved.


Bennie Vorster

Emergency Services Manager

Lanseria International Airport (Pty) Ltd

(: +27 (11) 367 0300



18 August 2009

To whom it may concern,


As part of our ongoing endeavours to reduce bird hazards at the airport and, specifically, problems encountered with the two resident bird species, namely “Plovers” and “Guinean-fowl”, we have looked at various alternatives.

When approached by Eagle Eye, and in line with ICAO Doc. 9137-AN/898 Part 3, “Bird Control and Reduction” and specific Sec. 8.3 “ Visual Deterrents”, we undertook a program to evaluate the Eagle Eye system. The system has been up and running since 1 July 2009.

At this stage, and taking into account the time of year, it is still too early to release any figures. However, since the installation of the system, there has been a steady decline in bird population numbers within the vicinity of the Eagle Eye’s.

It must be noted, Air Traffic Control (ATC) firstly commented on the distraction caused by the light flashes, however within two weeks they reported that they had become accustomed to the lights. Pilots commented on the purpose of the flashes but noted that they produced no problematic distraction to aircraft operations.

If you require any further information, please feel free to contact me.

Yours Faithfully,

Etienne Smulian

Quality Assurance Manager

Lanseria International Airport (Pty) Ltd

(: +27 (11) 659 2750 / +27 082 416 7082

7: +27 (11) 701 3261



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