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Eagle Eye Bird Wire Track is an easy, effective and aesthetically pleasing product to use, especially when multiple rows of bird wire are needed to protect ledges, parapets, beams, piping etc. from perching birds.
Eagle Eye Bird Wire Track drastically reduces installation time as it requires less drilling into the installation surface than traditional bird wire posts.

This unit is designed for installation on flat- as well as curved surfaces as it can bend more than 90degrees.

It is UV-stabilized and made from homo copolymer polypropylene.




Additional parts needed for the installation:

Additional parts

1) Cut the Bird Wire Track to the desired width.
2) Fasten the Track to the surface with screws. An adhesive may be added for extra installation durability.
3) Bird Wire Track should be spaced approx. 1.5m apart.
4) Simply clip a tension spring onto the top of the first row.
5) Fasten the wire to the spring by means of a copper ferrule.
6) Thread the wire through the opening of the second row and fasten it to the 3rd row using a copper ferrule.
7) Add a spring to the third row and repeat the process until the whole area is covered.




Bird Wire Track installed Photo

So you have a pest bird problem, whether you have realized it or not.

Top Tip:

if you have lots of nuisance birds stomping around on your roof then you have a pest bird problem. And if you have pest birds then you will have bird mites running around your home too.

This a because pest birds are very generous hosts and willingly share their bugs and germs to all and sundry, without having to be asked. And if these bugs are in your home they will certainly come to find you – Afterall isn’t it considered polite for new visitors to meet their hosts? Bird mites are not too fussy when it comes to hosts and will happily hang out with humans and not even miss their old feathered friends. They will find you at your weakest moment – when you are asleep. Bird mites are drawn to heat emitting warm bodies, they can sense your breathing and while you are sleeping you are more likely to let them get close to you…

If you realized the danger and installed Eagle Eye bird control on your roof to keep the pest birds off your property, you may still have some bird mites wondering around your home looking for a nice warm meal from their new host. Removing a pest bird infestation does not mean that a bird mite infestation is going to kick off, but given the right circumstances, your bed can start feeling a little crowded. There are professionals that will sort this out for you ASAP, but if you are the DIY sort then these methods have been offered to help you sleep bug-free when your bed is under siege.

Duct tape - the uses just keeps on growing

Wrap the duct tape sticky side out around the legs of your bed. The bird mites will get stuck to the glue trying to climb into bed with you.

Bed leg moats

Get some buckets or bowls and place the legs of your bed in each bucket. Fill the bowls with rubbing alcohol and sleep soundly to the tiny drowning noises (and fumes) surrounding you.

The ring of death

Surround your bed with a ring of Diatomaceous Earth that will kill any bugs that try to breach your beds' defenses (it is death by dehydration apparently, as the earth sticks to the bug and draws all the water out).

Keep your sheets white

All the above methods will not help against an aerial bird mite attack. Although, bird mites can’t fly they can crawl up walls and onto ceilings, where they can drop in on you, avoiding all of the beds’ booby traps. If your sheets are white you can check for nocturnal visitors as the mites will be easier to spot.

There are times when a spot of DIY is a good idea but in certain circumstances, some professional help goes a long way to sleeping peacefully at night. Eagle Eye bird control for keeping the pest birds from stomping around on your roof and ceiling. And if you are unlucky enough to find yourself attractive to a hoard of lonely bird mites, then a professional bug exterminator or some decent bug spray should do the trick.

Without a doubt, bats are beneficial to the environment. They help in controlling pests by feasting on them, and they propagate fruits and plants by spreading seeds and pollinating flowers. But unlike cats and dogs, bats are not typically the animals you want to invite in your home. These flying mammals carry diseases that may be dangerous to humans, and even to your pets.

Bats In The Attic

Bats usually follow the air current that passes through the attic or any cracks existing in the house. Once they get inside your property, they use the ceiling or the attic as their habitat. From the moment you notice bats flying out from your house, it is best to act immediately to remove them, preventing your home from becoming their home.

Signs of Bat Infestations

It is easy to get rid of one or two bats. But it is a different story when you can no longer count the bats living in your house; you already have a bat infestation that requires immediate bat removal. But how do you know that bats have already infested your home?

Here are eight signs that every homeowner should know.

1. Presence of bats

The presence of bats is a very evident sign. If you see bats flying towards the upper portion of your house every night, then it’s time to check the attic and do some general cleaning.

2. Bat droppings on various parts of the house

Bats don’t have a specific place to defecate. They can discharge their waste anywhere at any time of the day. They are most likely to defecate where they spend most of their time resting during the day and near their entry/exit point of your home. Other areas that you can find bat droppings are on your deck, windows, and porches.

3. Repeated droppings in the house

Seeing the bat droppings for the first time may not indicate that they are residing in your house. It could mean that a bat just flew around and did its “thing”. But if you notice that there are more droppings in other areas of the house on most days, then it may imply that bats are thriving in your house.

4. Squeak noises every night

Bats produce squeaking sounds at night; these noises can become annoying if they are too loud. While some people are unable to hear in this range, no one can remain oblivious to the scratching and bumping on the ceiling as the bats move around in the loft. If the most obvious signs are consistent, then it’s high time to hire professionals to remove the bats before the situation gets worse.

It is always difficult using conventional methods to eliminate bats once they have decided your home is suitable for roosting and have built their homes. By taking preventive measures at an earlier stage, you will be able to prevent bats from completely invading your home. See our Extreme & Nightmare Sound Systems for effective non-lethal bat infestation prevention.

5. Bats flying in and out of the house

If you have noticed that bats seem to fly back towards your house every single night, then it could mean that they are already nesting there.

6. Bad odor coming from the attic or ceiling

The bat's droppings produce a strong ammonia smell. If you don’t remove the waste immediately, the odor becomes more unbearable as the guano builds up. Areas, where the pungent odor tends to persist, are the attic and the ceiling. In cases when you smell a strange reek, check these areas right away and where you notice a guano buildup install the Eagle Eye Prevention units and clean the area once the bats have moved away.

7. Bats leaving at night

It is one of the most definite signs of an onset of a bad infestation. As we all know, bats prefer to hunt at night. Therefore, they spend their entire day sleeping and only leave their roosts at night. If you see a bat or bats flying from your house in the early evening, it is a clear indication that they have established a home in your premises.

8. Black or dark stains around the house

Bats are quite secretive, and they don’t like to use the main entrance like the door to avoid coming into contact with humans. They use other outlets that are around the house such as small openings and crevices. After a prolonged use, the gap becomes stained with a black resin from the bat's skin. So, if you see some stained holes in your house, do a thorough check-up to see if you will find other signs discussed above.

Final Points

It is recommended that you contact a professional bat removal company once you notice the above signs. This is important since the earlier you get rid of these animals, the safer and more peaceful it is to live in the house. Aside from that, ensure that you regularly check all areas of your property, including the garage and basements as they tend to live in these areas as well.

Service to our clients is of the utmost importance, which is why we believe that the only successful way to penetrate a new market is to open our own offices with qualified and well-trained personnel. From these offices, Eagle Eye Bird Control distributes stock to other bird control companies and installers. Because of the uniqueness of the products, personal assistance is given to the client, as well as on-site training and help with installations.  

Negative experience has shown us that reliance on agents results in overpricing, incorrect installation and poor maintenance and servicing. These factors then lead to the misconception that our products are not effective and in turn, lead to warranty returns and repairs. This is often compounded by a high turnover of agents’ staff and a lack of comprehensive training. To preserve the reputation of our brand, we now prefer to set up our own offices and to put Service Level Agreements in place with any third-party suppliers.

Eagle Eye Gold and Silver

Eagle Eye™ Unit

The Eagle Eye™ unit is a rotating, reflecting pyramid with irregularly angled, slanted sides for the reflection of light in various directions and is available either as a powered or wind-driven option. The Eagle Eye™ unit is unobtrusive and eco-friendly, and systems have been installed at project sites around the world to produce outstanding results. The system is completely harmless to birds and makes the birds move to other places by modifying their behaviour. Clients see an average decrease in bird presence of between 60% and80% within three months of an Eagle Eye installation.

Please see our full product spec. pages for more info.



The FlashFlag™ is a wind-dependent device, designed for the Agriculture market, which has proven to be effective in deterring pigeons, crows, sparrows, geese, and seagulls.

The FlashFlag is a durable, UV-light-reflecting plastic flag with a gold spectrum on one side and a silver spectrum on the other, which is connected to a rotating bracket.

The specific silver- and gold-plated sides of the flag play an important role since birds perceive a completely different colour spectrum to humans. Birds perceive the sunlight reflected off the moving flag as flames and will vacate the area to move away from the danger.

Please see our full product spec. pages for more info.

Flash Tape


Flash Tape SG

The Eagle Eye Flash Tape is an extremely effective bird repellent, designed for use in combination with Eagle Eye Pro-Pellers for agricultural applications. The reflection of the sun is effectively used to create a combination of silver and gold flashes that will repel most bird species including sparrows, finches, starlings, pigeons, and geese.

Ideal for protecting crops against bird damage, Flash Tape can be tied to branches, poles or even strung wires. For optimal results, use one-meter pieces and tie at regular intervals 5 – 10 meters apart, between Pro-Peller units. The silver tape is sold in rolls of 150 m with a material thickness of 25 microns, and the silver/gold tape is available in rolls of 150 m, at 50 microns thickness.

Please see our full product spec. pages for more info.

PP with cap Silver

Pro-Peller Unit

The Pro-Peller was designed to provide a durable, cost effective, reflective unit to complement the Eagle Eye system. The unit rotates by means of its double-bearing system and the wings have been designed to rotate in the slightest of breezes. There are two colour variants, namely silver/gold for land birds and red for marine birds.

The unit is totally wind-driven and no electricity is needed. This ensures a low cost, low maintenance, and easy-to-install open-area bird deterrent device.

The Pro-Peller unit is intended for use in combination with the Eagle Eye system. The Eagle Eye units should be placed on the highest points of the building and near the problem areas. The Pro-Peller units are then placed every 30 m between the Eagle Eye units.

Please see our full product spec. pages for more info.

Nightmare Sound System


Nightmare Sound System

Birds are sensitive to the specific sounds generated by the system and will choose to relocate to other areas. The length of time required for relocation varies from one week to one month after installation. This period is dependent on the stubbornness of the birds as well as the sound settings chosen. After installation, birds generally begin leaving the area and then returning after a few days in the hope that the sound will have stopped. They may well try and persist for a few more days but will then slowly start to leave the area permanently. After one month, up to 80% of the bird population will have left.

The Nightmare Acoustic Bird repeller is ideal to use in combination with the Eagle Eye™ bird chaser. The Eagle Eye™ unit, placed on top of the building, will chase away the perching birds during the day and the Nightmare Acoustic Bird repeller will prevent roosting birds at night.

Please see our full product spec. pages for more info.  

Extreme Sound System


The new Extreme Sound System is the most humane and environmentally friendly way of keeping bats, rodents and roosting / nesting pigeons away from unwanted areas. This system projects 130dB at a frequency range of between 16 000 Hz and 23 000 Hz and combined with variable sound waves, intruding pests will not get used to the sounds emitted. The removal of any visible nests is important.

The Extreme Sound System protects an unobstructed area of approximately 150 m2 in a fan shape, with a reach of about 10 – 15 min a 90-degree arc. The sound emitted cannot be heard by humans but is an irritation to pests.

Please see our full product spec. pages for more info.

Odour Guard

Odour Guard small

Birds have a very sensitive sense of smell and Odour Guard is specially formulated to repel birds in an eco-friendly way. The product will also remove the bad odours associated with bird droppings.

Birds are attracted to the smell of their own faeces and are drawn to nesting / roosting sites that smell of bird faeces. By removing the source of the smell and placing Odour Guard dishes in the area, bad odours will be removed and the birds will be less attracted to the site.

Please see our full product spec. pages for more info.

Sealant Wax

Wax applied

Sealant Wax is formulated to protect steel from corrosion. It is applied as a thin layer on top of metal beams and lip channels. Because this is a tacky product, birds do not like to perch and roost where the Sealant Wax has been applied. The product is made from bees’ wax and is safe to use on any surface. It is non-toxic and biodegradable.

Please see our full product spec. pages for more info.

Because the Eagle Eye™ unit uses the UV spectrums from the sun to deter the birds, a variety of factors apply to each installation. To cover a building could take anything from 2 to 20 units, depending on the size of the area that needs to be covered and any obstacles in the way of the spectrum reflected from the unit. The installation complexity lies in trying to determine the correct number and placement of the required devices in order to clear the infested area effectively.

Quite often, the solution to the infestation involves more than one single Eagle Eye™ unit. Our quotations usually involve the design of a ‘system’ that comprises two or more products, which should deter at least 80% of the birds from the area. We often install two Pro-Pellers with every Eagle Eye™ unit for better results, which combined with the Extreme Sound System, Netting, Spikes, and Sealant Wax, will ensure that you have the most effective ‘system’ for your requirements.

Installation complexity and the unique requirements of each client mean that, for our third-party suppliers, our products are not designed as ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions. Critical to the success of the system is that all agents, installers, and maintenance personnel understand the operation and placement of the units to our standards. Training is offered via webinars or at local offices.

Our point of difference is that we are able to harmlessly repel birds from areas where pest species have the most impact on businesses and residences. The Eagle Eye™ products are eco-friendly ‘flock reduction products and sold under our Eagle Eye™ trademark. Our product range encompasses proprietary devices such as the Eagle Eye, FlashFlag™, Pro-Peller, Odour-Guard, Sealant Wax, and sonic bird-control systems. Netting and stainless-steel spikes complement the range of products. Developing new products is part of our R&D strategy to successfully relocate many bird species from unwanted areas, without harming them.

Our products serve thousands of locations in South Africa and internationally. We supply a large variety of facilities, which include anything from private residences to holiday resorts, from farms to factories and from golf courses to yachts. We are also able to offer solutions to help combat the spread of avian flu, which has a significant impact the livelihood of many farmers and ultimately, on our economy.

We have expanded our global presence by establishing links with bird control companies in North America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia.

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