The Bird Breezer is a new innovation designed to prevent birds from landing in unwanted areas.

The unit is designed to rotate in the slightest of breezes, ensuring maximum protection time.

Besides the motion, we also incorporated the "danger" colour spectrums into the units, but without the severe strobing effect -
making it ideal when there are neighbours involved who may be irritated by flashes.

Simply install the Bird Breezer unit at the area where approaching birds tend to land.
The highly visible rotating cups will discourage most birds from landing nearby the unit.

Please note that birds nesting on the roof or in the garden will not be deterred by the Bird Breezer as they are very territorial.

The unit has an effective radius of up to 2 meters.

The Bird Breezer is most effective when installed in direct sunlight and requires
only a slight breeze to rotate.

Ideal for rooftops, chimneys, parapets, pergolas, louvers as well as reducing bird related
crop damage in agriculture.

The Bird Breezer unit can either be glued to the surface with a strong adhesive or fastened with
four screws (adhesive and screws not included).

The Bird Breezer unit and mounting bracket are made out of ABS plastic.
The four metalized ABS cups rotate on a durable double-bearing assembly to ensure optimal
sensitivity, balance, and longevity.

The Bird Breezer unit should be cleaned every four months to ensure optimal reflectivity.
- Spray the cups with a window cleaning soap and wipe them clean with a soft cloth.
- Rinse the cups with water and dry using a clean cloth.

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