Hadeda Ibis - Bostrychia hagedash


The Hadeda Ibis is an indigenous species.

A large, raucous bird that has its name from the sound it makes.

Usually gregarious in groups of 5-20 birds.

Forage on the ground by probing with their long bill or picking from the surface.

Roosts in trees or on power pylons.



Mostly found in Highlands and dry areas.

Also on grasslands, savannas, bushveld, forest edges, large gardens, playing fields, and airfields.

On rare occasions at marshes and sources of inland water.


Roosts in trees or on power pylons.

Nest made of flimsy sticks and grass.

Usually nests up high in trees, on hillside or riverbank, cliff and sometimes on telephone poles.


Degrade the aesthetics of potentially neat and beautiful buildings.

Very loud, raucous birds.

Feces build-up in dams and around trees can cause severe damage resulting in fish and trees dying.

Theft of pet food.



Bird Tape

Bird Spikes

Eagle Eye Silver & Gold if they land on the rooftop during the day.