Summary of basic guidelines to consider when placing the Eagle Eye system:

1) Use the correct units for the applicable species:
    Silver & Gold - Land Birds
    Red - Seabirds

2) Place the first Eagle Eye units on the highest points of the building

3) Place Eagle Eye units on the corners of the building:

4) Now place an Eagle Eye unit every 60m / 200ft if the building is large enough

5) Install one Pro-Peller unit between two adjacent Eagle Eye units:

6) Consider neighbours and tenants when placing the Eagle Eye system as the flashes may cause irritation.

7) Install bird proofing products at nesting and roosting areas - This is very important for the system to be effective.

8) Always install the units in direct sunlight.

9) Wind-driven Eagle Eye units may be used to save cost if there are regular breezy conditions in the area.

10) All reflective units must be cleaned every 3-4 months to ensure long-term effectiveness.
      Wash the reflective surfaces with window cleaning soap and rinse thoroughly afterward.