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Why is it important to use Eco-Friendly Bird Control methods?

In our urban environment we have created a perfect breeding ground for birds that are naturally disposed to breeding in exponential numbers to protect the survival of their species. The abundance and food and the adaptation of certain bird species to our urban environment accelerates this population explosion. Without the corresponding increase in predators we are left with a species that quickly becomes a pest.

When it comes to bird control many methods are available to tackle the problem where some are less humane than others. In finding a solution to a bird control problem it is important to look at the long term effects of bird control methods as quick fixes may just end up wasting your time and augmenting the existing problem. In addition in the corporate environment it is important to be environmentally friendly and an aggressive approach to bird control will lead to a negative public image.

When looking at a pest bird problem the solution is not necessarily to remove the existing birds with a practice such a trapping and relocation, as the urban pest bird population will quickly supply more birds to take the place of the ones removed. Aggressive approaches like the use of poison or other lethal methods are harmful, non-discriminate and can lead to prosecution. And once again the removal of the existing birds leaves a gap that will be quickly filled by more. Bird proofing a building through sealing off bird roosting areas to prevent birds from returning can be a costly and difficult process depending on the size and the architecture of the building.

Regardless of the method chosen there is always going to be a long term commitment required by the user to ensure lasting bird control. When looking at bird control in this light it would make sense to evaluate the options and choose a solution that requires minimum maintenance, repeat visits by pest control services, low running costs, etc. and delivers the maximum amount of long-term effectiveness.

Eagle Eye is on hand to help you pick a bird control solution to suit your needs.

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