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Keep unwanted pest birds away from your holiday home

While you are hard at work saving for the next holiday, who is watching over your holiday home?
It is unfortunate that a holiday home is only used a small proportion of the year, leaving it empty and unattended. While pest birds are quite prepared to invade an occupied space, there is generally no deterrent that will disturb a pest bird from making a permanent home in your part-time one.  Left undisturbed and unnoticed for a long period of time a pest bird can cause all sorts of damage. Leaving you to clean up the mess and spend your holiday money on repairs, which will put a real dampener on the holiday spirit.

Letting the property out for holidays and weekends when you are unable to go yourself?
Having temporary guests staying will not stop the advance of a pest invasion. The guests may notice that you have developed a pest problem but their presence will not deter the invaders. They also may not complain and bring the pest bird problem to your attention, leaving you to find out the extent of your problem next time you visit on your holiday. If fact, having a popular holiday home, especially self-catering, may make the pest bird problem worse. As visitors leave they leave their rubbish in the bin, or just outside for the municipality to collect, which maybe if a few days’ time. In the time taken for the exit cleaner to come or the rubbish to be collected there is a horde of tempting leftovers and tempting morsels that will lure the pest birds to your holiday home. Done often enough and a pest bird will favour your holiday home for its roosting spot.

Put a guard on your holiday home to make sure the pest birds are keeps at bay so you can enjoy a pest bird free holiday. A combination of our Eagle Eye UnitsSound Units and Bird Breezers will keep your property pest bird free while you are away.

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