Solar Panel Bird Control

Solar panel installations are getting more popular by the day.
The shelter provided by the solar panels is also very popular amongst various bird species.
This leads to large amounts of droppings, lice, nesting material, etc. to collect on the site.
The droppings on the solar panels will also reduce the efficiency of the solar panel output.
Eagle Eye Bird Control has various products to prevent this from happening:


1) Open area bird control: 
Installing Eagle Eye and Pro-Peller units have proven successful in reducing the infestation of birds around the installation.

2) Bird proofing products

Bird wire:
Bird wire posts are either glued to the solar panel frame or fastened into existing holes in the panels. This means that no penetration into the panel is needed.
The stainless steel wire running above the frame prevents birds from perching on angled solar panels.
Galvanized mesh wire to prevent birds from roosting/nesting under the panels:
Galvanized mesh wire is the ideal solution to birds roosting and nesting under solar panel installations.
The mesh is secured by means of a special "solar panel mesh clip" to avoid drilling into the panel frame
There will be fewer birds perching on top of the solar panels during the day if they cannot roost and nest under the solar panels.
The height of the mesh wire can be adjusted according to the needs of each solar panel installation.